Queen Pearl is organizing a tournament to select the best player of Arcadia! Are you up to the challenge?

Battle and unlock stronger opponents! Climb up the ladder to fight the Queen herself!

How To Play:

Play cards with unique abilities to reach a score of 100 to win!

Players can only place one card per turn!

Cards cost marbles. Every turn, you get marbles back for each card on your side of the board!

Be mindful of the time! The stronger your opponent, the less time you have.

May the best player prevail! Arcadia begins!


[Built for mobile by Meric Onel & Tanish Karmakar]

Featuring actual Medieval European music beautifully performed by musician Arany Zoltan.

Disclaimer: This project is made purely for educational purposes. Any references to existing properties, persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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This looks like an interesting game with good artwork and music. It's a bit difficult to get started though.  I didn't make it through the first match. Here are my suggestions.

1. Have an arrow indicating the object above the first opponent is the card he's referring to. I kept looking for the "card" and almost stopped playing because I thought the object above him was just a placard for his character.

2. Get rid of the timer, at least for the first few matches. I didn't even have time to read all my cards before the timer passed.

3. I get the marbles, but I need a better explanation of how to earn points.

4. Launch with an optional tutorial that tells which cards to play from your hand and why they're the best play for that round. That will help new players get the hang of the game.